Tuesday, 24 May 2016

See you in HEL


I am spending this week in Finland, as we welcome Helsinki New, our own take on a fashion week. The series of days is being kicked off tonight by a spectacular known as ‘Match made in HEL’ a fashion show that of seven designers from Asia and Europe, showing at Helsinki-Vantaa’s airport runway. What? Yes. I am so proud of this extraordinary event that will bring guests from all over the world to witness the models walk down on what can only be described as the biggest and longest catwalk on the planet.

After being a Londoner for 7 years, I wanted to bring a little of my English politeness together with my Finnish roots. So I took the latest creation of Bora Aksu, who is representing UK in today’s show, for a little stroll in the woods. I ended up looking quite patriotic - draped in our national colours, lost in the newly reawaken Finnish forest. But what could be better than that, honey, I’m home.

I will be live streaming the Match Made in HEL runway show today at 8pm. Local time (GMT+3) Or 6pm. In the UK, on 5 inch and up Facebook wall, see you in HEL my darlings!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Rewind and Refresh

The somewhat extempore trip that I took to Thailand with my sister turned out to be the getaway of a lifetime. Time to reflect, unwind and a attempt to teach myself what it really means to relax, when did it become rocket science? Although I am in a extremely happy place, I’ve been living with that ‘I am too tired to fall asleep’ feeling. I guess it’s learning to identify the difference between being emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted.

I spoke a lot about changes and new beginnings in my previous post. These are evolvements that I am planning to apply to not only my inner self, but to 5 inch and up as well. Soon I’ll be able to introduce you to a all new, better site design, where I (among a lot of things) will be talking about new and innovative designers in a more frequent manner. So on my life changing trip, I packed a dress by Kalita, who is specifically making dresses that translates to perfect travel pieces. Maxi dresses in general are ideal for lazy holiday dressers, which we are all allowed to be on our getaways. The earrings are surprisingly enough not from a local market, but by Katerina Makriyianni. The designer who has recently been snapped up by Net-a-porter was giving me major boho wanderlust before I even knew I was taking a trip, a good nudge in the direction to be a bit more creative with the holiday accessory choices.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What A Difference A Day Made

Every new day is an opportunity to start over again.

2016 has been kind to me so far, small and big changes that I’ve lived to embrace. I think the biggest lesson has been that you are never fully ready for the things that come at you, this is exactly when life tends to thrown you the ball. Maybe to keep your senses alert or because a rehearsed catch is never as fully lived as the spontaneous one. I believe a large part good happenings is us getting rewarded for the risks and sacrifices we make, I’ve seen a lot of them lately, on the love front, job front and with my overall inner thoughts.

I am talking about changes that don’t happen over night, from everything to being kinder to myself, to learning what it means to be present in my current life. These are things that we all struggle with, some more than other. As an Influencer, it’s no shocker to tell you that I’ve spent a lot of time in the ‘more’ section, this is why I am thankful of new beginnings. The sun rises every morning, what a difference a day makes, right?

So to honour my new beginnings and my resolutions to become a better listener, I practically jumped on the opportunity to share my story together with Rituals, a brand that is all about celebrating the small pleasures in life. The #LetLifeBlossom campaign welcome’s the brand new look of the iconic Sakura. The range is seeing a sleek packaging makeover that aims to sooth all senses. The rice milk based, Cherry blossom infused collection, embodies happiness and abundance, leaving you with a healthy glow…. Not to mention it’s pretty damn Instagram friendly.

London has it magical little ways of telling us when we’ve finally entered the new season, I am of course talking about the Cherry Blossom trees that covers our city. The ultimate Sakura experience is however to be seen in Japan, where the ‘Hanami Matsuri’, flower viewing tradition gathers people every spring to celebrate nature’s rebirth and the fleeting beauty of the fragile flowers, as a metaphor for life itself. Isn't it amazing what a meaningful role a flower can take? I am not the one to say no to the little, simple pleasures in life. That is the person I aspire to be, someone that live in so much feeling. With my heart on my sleeve and no fear of judgement.

Whilst we all know change starts from the inside, I wanted you to see it as well. So I am staring with the small things like new hair, new skin routine - as seen here soaked in the new favourite body cream. New ideas but overall a promise to take better care of myself, both from the inside and the outside, the physical and the mental.

For your chance to win one of the limited edition Rituals Sakura collection gift boxes simply visit Rituals and jump into the Blossom Booth. Click here for the details.

In collaboration with Rituals
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Blinded by the light

FENDI jacket
CHARLIE MAY denim top
ZARA trousers
CASADEI ‘Blade’ shoes

So we gather here today to revitalise the blogger life. No bitter feelings or bad things to say, lemonade making has not been the case for me lately. Rather a self-discovery of me, myself and I. It’s been a good month, one of the best ones actually, sadly that has not been too well illustrated on my channels. It’s been offline Sandra having the time of her life, living through changes and letting emotions lead - the price has been completely forgetting about time and space, I am trying not to punish myself for that too much. But, now it’s time to wheel it in, strap myself in and not forget to smile, I mean, it’s one hell of a ride anyway.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Gone Girl


H&M hat

Greetings from a journey I embarked on to find some inner piece, mindfulness and basically meaning to life. Nothing more, nothing less. Bare with me while I sort through a world of new exciting photos and excuse a throwback images from last year. Time fucking flies.
Photos by Anoushka

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Grey Gang


As part of the fashion week diaries, something I wore on a grey day in London. Undoubtedly similar to what I wore earlier in NYC, but I can’t get enough of these wide trousers. I spotted them in J. Crew’s presentation a year back and finally managed to hunt them down in London. They have been sneaking into all the takes of my travel wardrobe lately, so I’m not fighting back. No Easter posts for me, no cake layering family time because I’ve spent the whole weekend locked inside, trying to fight a cold that seems to be never ending. I guess that is eventually the price we pay for a full month of fashion weeking, but then again we can afford to, after a month of hysterically creating content.
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Shoe of the Month: Gucci ‘Sylvia’ crossover metallic mules

March is shaping up to become quite the month, mainly because I decided to run two Shoe Of the Month features after fashion month forced me skip the previous one. So, say hello to your new summer shoes - because this is a pair that you simply need. They serve you comfort, style, a hell-load of attitude and best of all, won’t rob your dry. Well, can’t exactly call £380 a bargain, but it is about half of what I usually to pay for seasonal, lustworthy shoes! Think of the cost per wear, because these will indeed get some wear this season.

There is simply nothing that I would not want from Gucci at the moment. Alessandro Michele has managed to turn a cool brand into the most desirable on the market at the moment, I have not felt like this about a brand since Mr. Slimane presented the new Saint Laurent a few years ago! I already acquired the floral Dionysus bag and now the golden mules. Hight up on the wish-list I have the ‘Angel’ shoes, which I am starting to think could make quite the interesting Shoe of the Month feature. I am also totally sold on the double G print, something that I did not see growing on me.

But back to the crossover sandals, that I just found out are called Sylvia and or Webby, (I’ve seen them go under both) got me excited about mules again. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever had such decision anxiety in-store because these come in a thousand colour options! The metallic toned come in pink, glitter and gold, even the gold tones come in two different material choices! When you finally made up your mind with the colour, there is also a jazzed up version with a embellished heel and a few crazy amazing runway versions. With that said, I buy enough seasonal shoes every year, only to have them spend most of the time on my shelf, slowly developing from must-haves to collectors items. These mules were launched for the Resort ’16 presentation but has now become a classic style in Gucci’s collections, which is why you should take your pick right about now!

I was pretty sure that my golden choice would be saved for the very special occasions only, but because of the easy slip on cut and the very comfortable fit, I find myself wearing these more than I thought. They are ideal with a black and while outfit, which is undoubtedly what I wear 90% of the time. So with excitement I welcome a golden pair to my collection, a shoe hue that I apologise for neglecting all these years!

Comfort: 5/5
Very comfortable and easy to walk in. The thick, cushiony crossovers make it feel like you are wrapped in pillows, and keeps you securely strapped in. Despite the high heel, the arch is very well designed.

Quality: 4/5 
The shoes are beautifully finished, however, the shiny gold finish shiny makes all scratches are very visible. Be aware of accidentally rubbing your shoes together when walking, scratches on the heel are visible and there to stay.

Purchase price: 495€ from the Gucci store in Paris, January 2016.
The price varies from £380 - $1,290.00 depending on the style. Gucci’s own website has the best selections for both European and US based readers. Matchesfashion.com also has a good selection of Gucci shoes at the moment.

Sizing: Runs true to size.
I bought these in a 37, my usual size. If you are in between sizes, I recommend going down half a size as I imagine the soft straps moulds to your feet. 

Monday, 21 March 2016

Conscious Exclusive

H&M Conscious Exclusive collection
MEJURI earrings

Time to (once again) start planning your queuing up to our favourite high-street retailer, because H&M has just revealed what this year Conscious Exclusive collection will look like. I’m excited to be  among the first to show you a few of the pieces that will be part of the range launching on the 7th of April. The collection that tends to be full of long dreamy dresses, lace and soft tailoring, draws inspiration from the archives of Musée des Arts Décoratifs located in the Palais du Louvre in Paris. 

As worn perviously here and here, the annual collection has earned a special place in my heart by now, mostly because there is not another fashion house, not to mention fast fashion retailer that would make sustainability as fashionable or speak of behalf of the use of organic materials in the the same manner.

So prepare yourself for the most lustworthy, organic summer dresses, beautiful ball gowns and even wedding dresses when the full collection drops in stores and online in April.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen
A special Thank You to The nu:group