Sunday, 28 August 2016


There might not be a reoccurring #5inchanduptravels hashtag trending on Instagram, but that has not stopped me from spamming your feed with scenery changes and the not-so-surprising airplane images (sorry but they really match my feed!). Although recklessly answering NO to the polite ‘Been anywhere nice recently' questions, I keep forgetting that I have indeed been to a lot of nice places this Summer. Am I starting to rule out European destinations of my ‘serious travels?’ Maybe. Or maybe I just need a little wake up call. 

SOON we are going to go through a few changes here on the blog, one that will lift travel into a more frequent feature. But until then, a little Insta recap of the cities visited over the Summer months. An attempt to become interested in football in Paris resulted in me enjoying our hotels and the lobby bar way more (shocker). A charmingly tipsy trip though Champagne, a lot of back and forts to London, a 24h stop in Stockholm and a wonderful Tuscany trip with Ferrari. A few days in Denmark, Finland from Helsinki to Porvoo and a road trip though the numerous cities and villages that include too many ä’s and ö’s for you to remember them.
This and oh so much more, you find me at @5inchandup.

A special Thank You to the Renaissance Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Flow Festival

CELINE shoes

CHLOE sunglasses

Flow Festival, or as we know it - the sweet Finnish festival that can’t be missed, the last stretch of our Nordic summer. The epic and infamous three day extravaganza took place last weekend, and this year I had the pleasure of experiencing it with Zalando. The online store has been big on the festival scene this season. Big enough to host their very own scene in the form of their very own Zalando Factory.

On deliberating what to wear, it occurred to me that hardly anything would look out of place at this city festival. Even a white shirt and jeans would work, so that’s what I did. A festival version of course - crocket replaced crispy cotton, with again relying on a oversized sleeve. With the opportunity of some flower embroidery on my jeans, how could I not? This is coming from someone that owns both a designer and a high-street version, needless to say, you better have some sticker-type patches on your jeans this year. The selection that we are being offered is already too big to choose from, so channel your inner 70’s/80’s kid before we get all serious and with the fall wardrobe.  

On day two I brought a little bit of darkness with some dramatic floor length florals, that seems to still be my favourite festival get up. As fun as a jumpsuit but way more practical, a factor that is underrated at festivals…

But so another successful Flow festival is over. Satisfied over the gourmet food that once again outdid itself - This weekend is a foodies day dream. You can literally have a wheatgrass shot in between your every cider, just the fact of knowing this already reduces the hangover. Happy about the amazing memories I made with my loved ones, some while dancing to Sia’s beautiful performance, some while tasting my way though the drink stands - no wheatgrass shots in sight.

Photos by Janita Autio
In collaboration with Zalando

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Summer Beauty Edit

L’oreal Sculpting Brush





On the quest for a lightly covered, dewy, glowing skin. A look into what I am wearing on my skin this Summer.

It’s been a while since we took a look at my current beauty favourites, so instead of the monthly beauty review, I have moved into a seasonal routine. Not only does this work better for me who likes to see myself as a minimalist in the makeup department, but it also gives me a chance to try and test the products properly before recommending them to you.

Let’s start with the base, I’ve been using The Diorskin Everwear primer mainly for the inbuilt SPF 20 (something I have a high respect for nowadays) but also because it really keeps the foundation in place. It’s does not have a illuminating effect to it, which is something I love about the Tom Ford primer that I’ve recommended previously. It really depends what you want from your foundation. In the summer months I am looking for longevity and skin that does not need much correction or top up during the day. So, I find the Dior Forever foundation to be perfect. With a pore refining effect and a inbuilt SPF, this foundation is a bit on the ‘heavy side’ so you will not need a thick layer. On some days when I want a even more of a natural finish, I blend a bit of the primer into the foundation before applying. I’ve always preferred the use of a well covering foundation on my skin as it does not wear off during the day.

From the many pricey brushed I’ve tried, L’oreal’s new sculpting brush, is my favourite. Ideal for travel with the double brushes, but also amazing quality for it’s price. Same goes for the L’oreal Infallible sculpt contouring palette. It’s one of the best contouring duets I’ve tried, very easy to use and a perfectly balanced creamy texture without being too sticky. I’ve found the highlighter creases a bit, especially if worn under the eye area, So I recommend only using it as a highlighter, not a concealer. Also vital to not choose a colour too dark for your skin, or you might find it hard to use, mine is 03 Medium Dark. 

A surprising newcomer has been the Estée Lauder Perfectionist serum concealer, that comes with both a cream and a stick concealer. While the cream gives a lot of coverage (you only need a very small amount) the stick end works wonders on dark eye circles and has been my trusted touch up tool on the go.

As for the finish, I became familiar with Bobbi Brown's Shimmer brick compact highlighter in a pervious post and I still keep going back to it. It will last you forever and gives the perfect glow without the glitter. I finish the contouring with a few swipes of the Givenchy glow bronzers, these two products have a very similar finish and is the best way to ‘seal’ the skin after contouring. A loose powder has usually been a bit scary to me because of how thick and matte they tend to look, however the Givenchy’s loose powder has a beautiful sheerness to it, but you will not need much.

My eye routine has not changed that much, I still love the Tom Ford Extreme Mascara and Mac eyeshadows that has a slight red tint to them. For the days that I want a bit more dept to my eyes, I use Givenchy Kohl Couture or the Tom Ford high definition eyeliner for both the inner and outer lash line. As for the best eyebrow products, I still favour Mac over the many tested alternatives. I usually buy the pens in two different shades, one to fill in and other to give shape.

What else? Tom Ford has been a favourite for lip products this summer, I absolutely adore the the branding and names of the TF lips collections. The name is already convincing! For a cute, or in my opinion perfect balance of nude and pink, ‘First Time’ does the trick. On top of all this, there is a few additional beauty products that I have been favouring lately. Red nails continues it’s ongoing success in my book, Tom Ford’s Nail Lacquer in Scarlet Chinois has the prefect flirty red for the warmer months. A current favourite, without leaning too much towards orange, it nails (all puns intended) the ideal summer red lacquer. In the perfume section I am all over Byredo’s new unisex scent - Super Cedar. Light, but not too sweet, summery but not floral, you simply have to try it!

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Shoe of the Month: Dior Conquest Pumps

Available in a few last pair in black and white
H&M shirt
THE KOOPLES leather jacket

Before we dive into August, I’m going to tease educate you with a pair that truly deserves a shoe of the month feature. As already firmly stated before, Dior really did some magic this year by created these insane beautiful patent sandals right after I had already splurged on the Cruise collection’s satin boots. Although it’s not often that we talk about Dior’s shoes under specific names, these go under ‘Conquest’.

Pointy, sharp, high heels really sets my soul on fire, that you know! I’ve spent the last year hunting down the best, oversized ruffle blouses on the market without even thinking about how that idea would translate into a pair of heels. Well, now we know. It’s the shape, the platform-lacking arch and the brilliantly balanced chunky heel with the pointy toe that does it. The carefree wrap (that definitely looks more casual than it feels) finished off with a high vinyl-like shine. I’m sold, they are sold-out = These do without a doubt take the cake as the shoe of the season.

This summer has been big for Dior, especially in London, as we (finally) welcomed a significant expansion in the form of a new flagship store on Bond Street, allowing us to shop the full range of everything Dior under one roof for the first time in the UK. But in true french fashion, I shot this pair in Paris in one of Hotel Particulier’s suites, aka. My new favourite place in Paris.

Comfort: 2/5
One of my most uncomfortable pair. The straps need to be pulled very tight to not have the side straps ‘hanging’. Also the heel is made too heavy which makes walking quite difficult and painful. It’s slow-motion movement and sit down dinners with this precious pair.

Quality: 4/5 
While the patent leather is a bit more forgiving than normal leather, the heel is made of soft leather and does starch quite easily. Otherwise from that, the shoe is stunning and you can tell from miles away what there is a designer pair coming through.

Purchase price: £750 in Dior London, March 2016
Dior does not sell these online, so these are only available in the main stores and the bigger department houses like Harrods.The shoes comes in three heights, flats, a lower heel and the one featured. The colours they were released in was; Black, white, nude and the multi coloured one (ideal for people like me, that can't make up their minds)

Sizing: Runs true to size. In this case it’s very important to have the sizing on point as the heel is open and walking in these is already a bit challenging. Mine are a size 37, my usual size.

A special thank you to Hotel Particular Montmartre
Photos by Lasse  

Monday, 4 July 2016

Kitten heel confessions

I have a confession to make. I’m a secret fan of kitten heels. Although a devoted stiletto lover, from time to time I enjoy pulling on a block heel, which turns out to be the gateway drug to god damn kitten heels. There is something intriguing about the awkward, noticeably 90’s kitten heel that just looks unexplainably chic to me. Maybe it’s the urge to keep trying something new or the excitement of liking something I shouldn't . So instead of easing into it, I wanted to get straight to the point and discuss.
This heel height that surely causes chills in some of you, has to be addressed, styled and done properly. So I sourced what I think is the best kitten heel on the market, the Valentino Rockstud, but this time in a lower version. Found on what I perviously claimed to be one of the best platforms for Rockstuds, Farfetch. Since writing this shoe of the month post on the stud covered classic, two more 110mm pair has lined up on my shoe shelf (we’ll save that for another confession session...) So it was time to take a plunge into the world of the 65mm.
To allow myself to buy such a classic, but overexposed shoe after all these years, I wanted to make sure they’ll get some rotation in my closet, so I followed my own few thumb rules. 1. Can you think of 3 ways of wear them? 2. Will it upgrade your wardrobe? and most importantly, 3. Do you want to wear them right this second? Yes, yes and yes I thought, which ultimately brings us down to ‘it’s all about how you style them’. The lower heel makes this ideal for daytime, but to bring this to 2016, I suggest loose denim, a oversized silhouette and crispy cotton. As for night time, with the risk of looking too predictable, I skipped the LBD and introduced this fantastic dress, that seems to fill most of the SS16 tick-list. Structured cotton, ruffles, gingham, and an asymmetric cut. Classic meets contemporary, attractive and cute, unexpected, but a combination that I most likely could re-wear for years to come. A little tap on my shoulder and an attempt to keep the Rockstuds in season for yet another year.
In collaboration with Farfetch
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Spirit of Adventure

CHANEL brougues

Something a bit different today, as I am taking you on a little country trip in the spirit of adventure with Barbour. The British heritage brand that I’ve worked with throughout my blog, has launched a collection especially for this season, containing everything that you need to prepare yourself for a festival summer, available at Country Attire. All you UK based readers knows that this does not always mean being able to stroll around in a cropped crocket top, but rather being prepared and kitted out, not letting the typical English weather be an obstacle. 

My festival approach will be relaxed this year, I feel that’s the only sane option, after all, it’s your holiday so act like it. I might not go as far as pulling on the wellies, although there is a pair or two in the collection. Comfortable pieces that you can actually dance in and a little bit of a heel sounds about right. The British take on festivals might not be as flower-heavy and sand-based as the legendary Coachella, so trust me on the fact that a waxed jacket will be your best bet, for now and the summers to come.

In collaboration with Barbour
Photos by Heidi Hagelstam

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Graduate Fashion Week: Nottingham Trent University

Olivia Barclay

Latasha Hammond

Beth Needham

Chloe Jackson

Laura Tollervey

Charlotte Rollings & Morta Rapalyte

Kendall Baker 

Beth Needham & Josephine Bulmer

Charlotte Yates & Lianyi Chen

This week, after a few amazing Finnish fashion filled days, I flew back to London, just in time to see some of UK’s freshest talent present their collection on Graduate Fashion week. I got to be a guest of Nottingham Trent University again and was blown away to say it lightly. What an amazing amount of talent this University breeds, that was also proven by three students that headed into the finals, of which Chloe Jackson and knitwear designer Kendall Baker was awarded for their refined hard work and imagination.

I was personally mesmerised by Olivia Barclay and her innovative use of layers and exploration of silhouettes, where the balance of masculine and feminine came together in a harmony that I could easily see on myself. Laura Tollervey was another favorite that played with volume and layering in a very ready-to-wear manner. I was especially smitten by her material combinations. Yet another designer worth mentioning was Morta Rapalyte and her bold take on pale hues: a perfect presentation of how to balance hard and soft when it comes to materials. I could go on and on about these young talents, but I am sure we will hear more from these graduates very soon.
In collaboration with Nottingham Trent University